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        Software Products

        Biometrics Processing System

        An ordinary Passport for Public Affairs, needs to collect the ID Card information, Registered personal information, fingerprints, and handwriting signature of the applicant.


        Security Management System

        Since the “911” incident happened in the United States, all countries in the world have stepped up to enhance security measures for passport and visa management.


        Chip Operating System

        COS(Chip Operating System) is mainly used in the chip of the electronic passport, to control the information exchange between the chip and outside.


        Hardware Products

        Integrated Biometric Acquisition Appliance

        NJA Integrated Biometric Features Acquisition Appliance is a portable device specialized in Biometric Features acquisition for the E-passport issuance.The appliance is able to collect and encrypt the 


        Intelligent Secure Document Authenticator

        I600 is one of the Intelligent credential Authentication Appliances developed by NJA. This product integrates modern technological design and human engineering theory.


        Intelligent Biometric Document Authenticator

        Intelligent Biometric Document Authenticator is used to verify the identification of the ID documents(including ID cards, Passports, etc...)holders, in important occasions with high security level.


        Border Management Inspector

        In order to meet the needs of the biometric collection of port entry and exit inspection channels, the biometric collection all-in-one machine consists of biometric collection terminal software and biometric collection terminals.